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Creating an Impactful Customer Journey is the Biggest Opportunity to Grow ANY Business.
Hi! I'm Michele Caruana...

In this game changing podcast I'm going to let you in behind-the-scenes of the campaigns and launches my team is working on while highlighting what’s working-- and what’s not-- to attract an audience and convert them into customers AND raving fans, so you can achieve your own envy-worthy brand!

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Launch your Own High-Converting Sales Funnel and Amplify your Results Week after Week 
Funnels don’t NEED to be complicated. A basic funnel really just has 5 parts. And they’re WAY easier to put together than you think.  
We will start your Digital Brand Envy journey with getting you a working basic funnel in just FIVE days, just one hour per day.
  •  Day 1: Learn How to EASILY Define Your Ideal Customer.
  •  Day 2: Create an AMAZING Content Plan For Your Ideal Customers in a Way They Like to Consume.
  •  Day 3: Learn EXACTLY How to Build Your Ideal Audience and Get Them into Your Email List, Messenger List, or Following Your Social Accounts and Channels.
  •  Day 4: We'll Show You How to Nurture Your Customers with More Valuable Content That Will Slowly Move Them Closer to Making a Buying Decision.
  •  Day 5: Close the Deal by Presenting a Great Offer That Your Customers Will Feel HAPPY and EXCITED About Purchasing!
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